Teens & adults

We specialise in underwater video analysis for competent swimmers wishing to improve their freestyle stroke technique, using up to date drills, plans and equipment.

We have many years experience of working with triathletes using this method and they are always amazed at their improvement.

Sessions are 75 minutes with a follow up session approximately 4 weeks later.

We also teach adults to swim from scratch. They are always amazed at how much easier it is than they think. We have had ladies who are only able to do breaststroke with their head out of the water progress to competent freestyle in a very short amount of time. 

A tailor made plan can be set up to suit your needs.


We work towards the Swimming Teaching Association Awards & ASA awards using relaxed holds, floats, games & nursery rhymes.

Parents do not need to be able to swim and we are more than happy to teach parents to swim so they can enjoy the water with their child. Lessons take place in water where you are able to stand.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and are structured to cover all the elements required to work towards an award, with plenty of flexibility as all children learn differently and have different needs.

The main aim is that the lessons are fun and relaxed, for both parent and child.

Groups are kept small, from 4 to 6 children to ensure a happy relaxed atmosphere.

Our ethos is that neither parent nor child should do anything that they don't want to, time is taken to build confidence to produce happy, competent swimmers, in both baby and parent.


Courses run termly to cover all the elements required for awards, you can join the class at any time but it is recommended to start the course at the beginning.

The STA Starfish awards are the first awards for babies, there are 6 starfish awards and once attained the next STA awards are aimed for from Stanley learn to swim awards and onwards. 


"Karen was a fantastic teacher for my 9 month old daughter, she was absolutely brilliant with all the babies in our class. During the time Karen taught our lessons my little one made so much progress and it's all thanks to Karen's teaching ability. The lessons have been so valuable to me, I had so much fun during the classes and it is a fantastic bonding experience teamed with teaching a valuable life skill. I felt completely comfortable with Karen and trusted her as did my baby, which was really important to me and the success of the lessons. I can't recommend her enough"

Emily & Elissia 



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